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A show discussing the important academic and other research in the field of psychedelics, and how it relates to human potential and healing.

PT528 – Chronic Pain and Inducing Neuroplasticity With Psychedelics, with Lynn Watkins, Retired USAF, and C.J. Spotswood, PMHNP

Jul, 09, 2024
In this episode, Joe and REMAP Therapeutics Founder, Court Wing, host Lynn Watkins: medically retired USAF JAG & Ops Resource Mgmt Specialist; and C.J. Spotswood, PMHNP: principle psychiatric clinician at REMAP Therapeutics, and author of The Microdosing Guidebook: A Step-by-Step Manual to...

PT527 – Symptoms as Signals: Trauma and the Role of Inner Healing Intelligence, with Casey Paleos, MD

Jul, 05, 2024
In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, David interviews Casey Paleos, MD: Vital instructor, researcher, psychiatrist with a private practice offering ketamine infusion therapy and KAP, and co-founder of Nautilus Sanctuary, a non-profit psychedelic research, education, and advocacy...

PT526 – Transforming Trauma: Community, Connection, and the Healing Power of Vulnerability, with Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.

Jul, 02, 2024
In this episode, Kyle interviews Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.: developer of Somatic Experiencing®, educator, and author of several best-selling books on trauma. His most recent book, An Autobiography of Trauma: A Healing Journey, is exactly that: a change from more scholarly writing into an extremely...

PT525 – Women and Psychedelics: History's Untold Stories, with Erika Dyck

Jun, 28, 2024
In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, Johanna interviews Erika Dyck: author, professor, historian, Vital instructor, and research chair in the History of Health & Social Justice at the University of Saskatchewan. Dyck talks about the book she co-edited: Women and Psychedelics:...

PT524 – Building a Unified Psychedelic Future: Ethics, Standards, and a Path to Affordable Access, with Lia Mix, LMFT, CPTR

Jun, 25, 2024
In this episode, Joe interviews Lia Mix, LMFT, CPTR: founder and CEO of Delphi, a consulting firm dedicated to the healthy growth of the psychedelic movement. After many years of working in community mental health and 15 years in the commercial health insurance industry (where she helped to...

PT523 – Self-Care, Destabilization, and the Holistic Nature of Psychedelics, with Kaitlin Roberson & Dr. Michele Cox, DO

Jun, 21, 2024
In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, David interviews Kaitlin Roberson: Vital graduate and co-founder and CEO of Cacti Therapeutics, a psychedelic biotech company developing novel therapies for chronic pain; and Dr. Michele Cox, DO: current Vital student, veteran, physician, and...

PT522 – An Inside look at the FDA and Early Drug Development, with Dr. Amanda Holley

Jun, 18, 2024
In this episode, Joe interviews Dr. Amanda Holley: pharmacologist and regulatory consultant in nonclinical drug development, and previously a nonclinical pharmacology/toxicology reviewer at the FDA. With Lykos Therapeutics working towards FDA approval of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, ICER...

PT521 – Community, Group Process, and Co-Creation: How to Build a Successful Retreat, with Alice Dommert & Kara Tremain, ACC

Jun, 14, 2024
In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, Kyle interviews two Vital graduates: Alice Dommert: certified breathwork facilitator and co-founder of retreat company, The Infinite Center; and Kara Tremain, ACC: somatic practitioner and growth and development coach. A huge part of Vital is the...

PT520 – From the Eleusinian Mysteries to Modern Mysticism: The Role of Religion in the Psychedelic Experience, with Charles Stang

Jun, 11, 2024
In this episode, Joe interviews Charles Stang: Professor of Early Christian Thought and the Director of the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard Divinity School. The Center was created to gain a better understanding of world religions by bringing scholars from their respective...

PT519 – Exploring Somatic Practices and Psychedelics, with Pierre Bouchard, LPC & Kara Tremain, ACC

Jun, 07, 2024
In this episode – the first in the 2024 series of Vital Psychedelic Conversations – David interviews Pierre Bouchard, LPC: Vital instructor and lead trainer for the Congregation for Sacred Practices; and Kara Tremain, ACC: recent Vital graduate-turned-instructor, somatic practitioner, and growth...

PT518 – The EMBARK Model of Psychedelic Therapy, with Alex Belser, Ph.D. & Bill Brennan, Ph.D.

Jun, 04, 2024
In this episode, Kyle interviews Alex Belser, Ph.D. and Bill Brennan, Ph.D.: psychologists, psychedelic researchers, authors, and co-creators of the EMBARK model, a framework for psychedelic therapy.  When Belser and Brennan worked together at Cybin, they canvassed the field of psychedelic...

PT517 – Long COVID and Psychedelics, Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD, Joel Castellanos, MD, & MaryAnn Welke Lesage

May, 31, 2024
In this episode, special guest host Court Wing interviews Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD: professor and chair of rehabilitation medicine at UT Health San Antonio; Joel Castellanos, MD: co-founder and associate medical director of the Center for Psychedelic Research at UC San Diego; and MaryAnn Welke...
MDMA Psychedelics

PT516 – Embracing the Mystery: Making Psychedelic Literature Engaging, with Sean Lawlor

May, 28, 2024
In this episode, Joe interviews Sean Lawlor: writer and therapist specializing in ketamine-assisted therapy at Reflective Healing in Fort Collins, CO. His first book, Psychedelic Revival: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing, will be released on June 4. Written as somewhat of a primer for psychedelics...

PT515 – The Economics of Psychedelics, with Elliot Marseille, DrPH, MPP

May, 24, 2024
In this episode, Joe interviews Elliot Marseille, DrPH, MPP: founding director of UC Berkeley’s Collaborative for the Economics of Psychedelics (CEP), a network of health economists and researchers analyzing the economics behind emerging psychedelic-assisted therapies. In the early days of drug...

PT514 – Breaking Through Bureaucracy: Can D.C. Embrace Evidence-Based Drug Policy?, with Senator Tom Daschle and Charlie Panfil

May, 21, 2024
In this episode, Joe interviews two members of The Daschle Group: Founder and CEO, Senator Tom Daschle; and Public Policy Advisor, Charlie Panfil. As Senator Daschle served in the House of Representatives for eight years (starting in 1978) and the Senate for 21, he was deep in the War on Drugs at...

PT513 – Depth Psychology, Archetypal Energies, and How Psychedelics Reveal the Soul, with Simon Yugler

May, 17, 2024
In this episode, Kyle interviews Simon Yugler: psychedelic-assisted therapist, educator, and author of the book, Psychedelics & the Soul: A Mythic Guide to Psychedelic Healing, Depth Psychology, and Cultural Repair, which comes out this fall. He digs into depth psychology and why it’s a...

PT512 – RIPPLES of Hope: Psychedelics as a Tool for Peacebuilding and Collective Healing, with Sami Awad and Leor Roseman, Ph.D.

May, 14, 2024
In this episode, David interviews Sami Awad: Palestinian peace and nonviolent activist and founder of Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem; and Leor Roseman, Ph.D.: Israeli neuroscientist, researcher, and senior lecturer at the University of Exeter.   They talk about Roseman's 2021 paper, "Relational...
Ayahuasca Psychedelics

PT511 – The Other Side of Veteran Healing: Secondary PTSD and Post-Retreat Family Dynamics, with Allison Wilson & Dr. Grace Blest-Hopley

May, 10, 2024
In this episode, Joe interviews two members of the Heroic Hearts Project team: Director of Donor Development and founder of The Hope Project, Allison Wilson; and Director of Research and founder of Hystelica, Dr. Grace Blest-Hopley. They discuss how The Hope Project – a nonprofit that supports...

PT510 – Early Research, Psychedelics in Palliative Care, and the Intersection of Science and the Sacred, with William Richards, STM, Ph.D.

May, 07, 2024
In this episode, Joe and Kyle interview William Richards, STM, Ph.D.: senior advisor at Sunstone Therapies, psychologist at the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, contributor to Vital, and author of Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics &...

PT509 – Music for Psychedelic Exploration and the First 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Album, with Shahar Amit

May, 03, 2024
In this episode, Joe interviews Shahar Amit: psytrance musician who has created what may be the world's first modular album for psychedelic exploration under his project, Held By Sound.  He talks about his background in the rave and festival scene, the moment he realized he wanted to make music,...