Psychedelic by Lucy Baldwin

27 episodes

Host Lucy Baldwin interviews people about their personal experiences with psychedelics.

  • 26: Near Death and the Hell Realms Nov 08, 2021 Author Kevin May shares about his experience tripping balls in the hospital ICU after a near death experience.
  • 25: Connect and Evolve Oct 21, 2021 In this episode I interview Ben Holt about his psychedelic and spiritual journey.¬†
  • 24: Tiphareth Aug 23, 2021 Michael Smith talks about Enlightenment, communicating eternity, Bufo, remembrance, and the lived experience of the transcendental¬†
  • 23: Mystically Clinical Jul 12, 2021 Timothy Ko explores the neurophysiological benefits of DMT therapy on those suffering addiction, the risks, the potential, and the mechanisms to provide the most therapeutic experience
  • 22: Iboga Jun 28, 2021 Paije West explores the ceremonial communion with Iboga and the astonishing clarity this plant offers.
  • 21: Entities, Chocolates and Sanctuaries May 31, 2021 Krystina Castleburning talks chocolate medicines, sanctuary spaces, entities, and her vision for a more sacred communion with plant medicine
  • 20: Vision Quest Apr 26, 2021 John Folak speaks to his call to writing from his experiences with psychedelics and the ways to integrate, build, and inspire.¬†
  • 19: Communion Apr 19, 2021 Alexandra Carelli talks integration of the sacred knowledge that plants have to share with us, a human right passed down through millennia of communion with psychedelics.
  • 18: Kundalini Yoga Apr 12, 2021 Emmanni Martine talks trauma and energetic processing through Kundalini Yoga, a pathway made clear to her through sacred psychedelic ceremony. Find Emmanni Martine at
  • 17: Medicine Work Mar 29, 2021 JZ talks about space holding, religion and sacred story telling in the context of psychedelic medicine work.
  • 16: Millenium Bridge Mar 22, 2021 In this episode, I introduce Nick DeLieto who'll be joining me on future episodes. He talks about his background with psychedelics.
  • 15: Existential Kink Sep 23, 2020 I interview Carolyn Elliott, author of Existential Kink, about her experiences with ayahuasca and other psychedelics. Find her at
  • 14: A Deep Dive: Trauma and Psychedelics Aug 31, 2020 This interview is absolutely worth a listen if you're interested in working with ayahuasca or other psychedelics in a meaningful way. On my guest: Michael Thornhill, co-founder & curandero with Casa Galactica,
  • 13: Rational Mind and Wild Heart Aug 10, 2020 In this episode I interview Angelia Scott about her work as an intimacy coach.
  • 12: George Interviews Me! Jul 20, 2020 In this episode of Psychedelic, George Casey interviews me! We talk about my personal story, psychedelics, and shadow integration.
  • 11: Living the Story Jul 06, 2020 In this episode of Psychedelic, Rachael McGann tells her story of leaving the idealized American life and finding her own way after working with various psychedelics including Ayahuasca.
  • 10: Psychedelic Integration Jun 08, 2020 In this episode I tell some of my personal background and story with discovering integration through my work with ayahuasca and I talk specifically about what psychedelic integration is. I also share a coaching nugget at the end. You can find my blog at
  • 09: Synchronicity & Community May 26, 2020 Charlotte Dune and I talk about a whole series of topics relating to her overcoming alcohol addiction through her work with psychedelics, her book Cactus Friends, and our experiences with psychedelic medicines including Wachuma, Psilocybin Mushrooms and Ayahuasca. Two of the topics that weave their...
  • 08: Prioritizing Peace May 12, 2020 In this episode of Psychedelic I interview my friend Michael about his work with ayahuasca and his life experiences blending yogic practices with plant medicine. Find out more about my upcoming challenge at
  • 07: Our Souls Hunger Apr 27, 2020 Maitreya talks about her experience with 5-MeO DMT and other psychedelics. We also have a sober discussion about some of the shadow elements of psychedelic practice and culture.