Psychedelic by Lucy Baldwin

27 episodes

Host Lucy Baldwin interviews people about their personal experiences with psychedelics.

  • 06: Psychedelic Philosophy Apr 13, 2020 A philosophy professor talks about his work with psychedelics and A Course In Miracles. He discusses how those relate to his personal philosophy and inform how he lives his life.
  • 05: Connecting to Pleasure Mar 31, 2020 I interview Violet Lange about her work coaching women and her experience with psychedelics. Violet has her own podcast called The Pleasure Path and you can find her online at
  • 04: My Resistance to Existence Mar 03, 2020 In my first solo episode I talk about my early experiences with Ayahuasca.
  • 03: You Lose Track After 100 Feb 15, 2020 I interview Rose Gervais, who has ample experience with ayahuasca, and she delivers beautiful insight.
  • 02: Water, Water, Water! Jan 15, 2020 In this episode I interview my friend Jess who shares a few different stories about her experience with psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics.
  • 01: Death of a Materialist Worldview Jan 05, 2020 In this episode I interview George Casey about his experience with Ayahuasca. We talk about the simulation argument by Nick Bostrom and the idea of free will through the lens of his experience of realizing that consciousness is primary over matter. Simulation Argument Video Link:...
  • 00: Welcome to The Psychedelic Podcast Dec 08, 2019 In this episode I introduce myself and the podcast.