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The Fruiting Bodies podcast is an intersectional response to the mushroom boom and the next wave of psychedelics. It is an extension of the Fruiting Bodies Collective, an active and diverse online community of seekers, healers, activists, and our allies. It's our mission to ensure that the psychedelic resurgence is inclusive and fulfills its potential to serve all who stand to benefit from these substances. We accomplish this through outreach, education, advocacy, representation, and creating opportunities for accessible and culturally relevant training and service options. Come join us!

Mariah Makalapua: Decolonizing Healing

Nov, 06, 2021
In episode 6 we are joined by our dear sister-friend, Mariah Makalapua of Medicine Collective. Mariah is the creator of Medicine Collective, a medicine woman, a mother, an artist, a healer, a gardener and a community builder. In this episode she shares with us about Indigenous wisdom and ways of...

AJ Mcreary: Feeding The Community With Love & Dignity

Oct, 23, 2021
In episode 5 we are joined by our good friend AJ McCreary, of the Equitable Giving Circle. AJ is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Equitable Giving Circle, a Black woman and Black femme led organization that is creating real economic impact by sharing food, housing, and wellness with the...

Dr. Angela Carter: Weaving "Harm Reduction" & Psychedelic Health Equity

Oct, 16, 2021
Season 2 is bringing so much wisdom and useful information!  In episode 4 we are joined by Dr. Angela Carter, our dear friend and trusted mentor. Dr. Angela Carter (they/them) is a white, transgender, genderqueer, queer, neuroqueer, disabled, dirt worshiping naturopathic physician living in...

Courtney Watson: Ancestral Realms & The Practice of Remembering

Oct, 02, 2021
In episode 3 we are joined by Courtney Watson. Courtney is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist. She is the owner of Doorway Therapeutic Services, a group therapy practice in Oakland, California focused on addressing the mental health needs of Black, Indigenous,...

Ismail Ali: Ecosystems Of Change

Sep, 24, 2021
Hope y'all are ready to take the drug policy conversation to the next level!In Episode 2, we are joined by Ismail Ali, an esteemed colleague who is best known for serving as legal counsel at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). For over a decade, Ismail has been involved...

Micah Stover: Where Pleasure and Pain Meet

Sep, 18, 2021
We’re BAAAACK! :) Season 2 of Fruiting Bodies Podcast is here! This is the first interview of the season. In Episode 1, we are joined by Micah Stover, a mother, trauma midwife, psychedelic guide, and integration specialist. Micah’s path has taken her from rural Tennessee to Portland’s...

Emmanuel Williams: History & Transformation

May, 28, 2021
Wow, Season 1 of the Fruiting Bodies Podcast is winding down!! This is our last interview of the season. In Episode 10, we are joined by the inimitable Emmanuel Williams, who is a fellow Portlander, father, educator, advocate, and world class counter racism strategist. He also happens to be a...

Buki Fadipe: Layers of Healing and Authenticity for The People

May, 18, 2021
In Episode 9, we are joined by the brilliant and lovely Buki Fadipe, who is a dear friend, artistic creator and educator who has been an influential colleague to us at Fruiting Bodies Collective.  Join us as we dive into an informative discussion that is essential to psychedelic healing: being a...

Evan Segura: Uplifting Unheard Voices & A Call To Do Better

May, 10, 2021
In Episode 8, We are joined by our dear friend and colleague Evan Segura. Evan is a community organizer, amateur mycologist, traveler, and basically a mushroom on two legs. This was the first interview we ever recorded and it was such a delight to start our podcast life with a dialogue that embodies...

Women on Psychedelics: A Walk Between Order and Chaos

Apr, 30, 2021
In Episode 7, We are joined by two dear friends and collaborators situated across the pond. Tian Daphne (a new mother-- bless, bless!) and Jess Lagarde are the co-founders of Women on Psychedelics, also known as WOOP. Women on Psychedelics is a global online platform dedicated to destigmatizing...

Marge Jacobsen: Black Healing & Psychedelics

Apr, 16, 2021
In Episode 6, We are joined by Margaret Jacobsen, or MJ (they/them), who is a dear friend, parent, community leader, educator, and one of the most loving people we know. We explore some deeply personal topics with humor and heart. MJ tells it like it is. Join us as we dive into a meandering...

Lola Milholland: Drug-Positive Household

Apr, 03, 2021
This is the beginning of an interview series which seeks to paint a large picture of the healing justice movement, of which psychedelic medicine is just one piece. We are joined by Lola Milholland, an award-winning writer, newsletter author of “Group Living”, CEO of Umi Organics, and creative...

Real Talk: Integration & Leadership

Mar, 27, 2021
We have an exciting and diverse lineup of interviews coming out starting next week. Before we do, we wanted to pause to zoom out and discuss some important elements of this work. Every so often, we'll pause our regular interview format for a Real Talk episode where we can slow down and digest some...

Sam Chapman: Healing Advocacy Fund

Mar, 18, 2021
(Note: Rebecca was the primary host on this episode. Elan and Rebecca will often alternate roles.)It was our pleasure to interview our friend and colleague, Sam Chapman, who played an instrumental role as Campaign Manager in the passage of Measure 109 (Oregon's new psilocybin therapy program). Sam...

Rebecca Martinez: Fruiting Bodies Co-Founder

Mar, 14, 2021
The second installment of our podcast launch is here! We've switched roles and put Rebecca in the hot seat. Come get to know our beloved creative director and co-founder, Rebecca Martinez. Rebecca is an Oregon born and raised parent, author, farmer, and community organizer.  In this episode, we...

Elan Hagens: Fruiting Bodies Co-Founder

Mar, 12, 2021
The psychedelic healing movement has found its way into each of our lives in unique and unexpected ways. To start off this psilocybin-therapy-community-building-extravaganza that is Fruiting Bodies Collective on the right foot, we’re going back to our roots, back to the very beginning. Come get to...