Warren Gumpel


Job type
Chief Executives

KetaMD (Co-Founder)

Miami, Florida, USA



Warren is an accomplished entrepreneur and film and television producer. He is co-founder of The Ketamine Fund, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing suicide rates using ketamine. Under his leadership, the fund has donated more than 500 free treatments to veterans suffering from PTSD and created significant awareness in the media for the organization and its mission.

As a leading expert in the ketamine space, Warren has spent the last five years working as an operator, consultant, marketer, and advocate. Warren has guided existing ketamine clinics, IV clinics, and rehab centers across the U.S. to integrate best practices to enhance their existing businesses and ketamine practices. Along with co-founder Zappy Zapolin, Warren created KetaMD to bring at-home medical ketamine to the masses.

Warren is also the Executive Producer of the upcoming documentary film Lamar Odom: Reborn, which is going to dramatically increase awareness for ketamine as a breakthrough treatment for depression, PTSD, and addiction.

Warren Gumpel