Robbie Bent

Job type
Chief Executives

Othership (CEO)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


In an effort to affect positive change and address the problem of loneliness and the detrimental effects it has on our individual and collective health, I’m building a platform that includes physical spaces, a mobile app, a concert tour and a global community.

Othership IRL:
A modern bath house with a 50 person sauna, ice baths, and a tea room. We offer guided facilitation for the hot + cold circuit, social hour, and performances like breathwork, sound experiences, and body-based movement. We’ve created a healthy social experience that can serve as a substitute for bars that is both fun and accessible.

Othership URL:
A digital product to shift your state whenever and wherever you are. Our app consists of over 250 guided breathwork classes to harness the power of the breath and build promoting habits. A transformative tool that makes up-regulating, down-regulating, and everything in between easeful, effective, and fun. We also go on tour with live musical breathwork performances. Sort of like a Cirque Du Soleil journey inward.

Othership Community:
A growing and vibrant web of curious humans connected through both our physical space and our digital offerings with forthcoming virtual group circles for a deeper opportunity to see and be seen.

My vision is to create space that encourages openness to the awe, belonging, and interconnectivity that animates the human experience for a more joy-filled life and living.

May this platform create space for shifting states and continue to offer peak experiences that inspire awe and belonging.

Robbie Bent