Nancy Trent

Founder & President at Trent & Company, Inc.

Job type
Chief Executives

Trent & Company (Founder & President)

New York, New York, USA


Nancy Trent is the founder and president of Trent & Company Marketing Communications, the first firm PR firm to focus on wellness.   Trent & Company is known for popularizing and protecting innovative brands using many techniques including getting them in news, influential media outlets and in the homes of celebrities and other categories of impactors.  These results often lead to Trent & Company clients being acquired. 

Nancy launched Trent & Company over 30+ years ago and now has more than 20 talented and skilled marketers working out of offices in NY and LA on a carefully curated client roster of innovators and pioneers positioned to break barriers. 

Since the 80s, Trent & Company has been getting people to change the way they think, their habits and the products they buy.  The kind of PR Trent & Company does changes behavior, conversations and the way we care for ourselves. 

Nancy is a life-long wellness activist, writer and speaker and globe-trotting trend watcher.  A former investigative reporter with seven books under her belt, Nancy continues to spot and spark trends wherever she goes.  Today, she is running publicity, social media, email and content marketing campaigns for 50 different lifestyle clients for every member of the family, in every room of the house and has put dozens of iconic brands on the map.  

She coined the term well-luxe because wellness minded shoppers are looking for natural ways to look and feel healthy and willing to pay a premium of brands that deliver quality.  

Nancy has spoken at conferences around the U.S., as well as in Dubai, Bangkok, Vienna, Seoul, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne.  Nancy serves on the editorial boards of industry associations and magazines, and she has written many how-to articles on marketing, promotion and PR that were published in all of the leading trade and business publications. 

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Nancy Trent