Espen Einn

Zürich, Switzerland
Oslo, Norway
Trondheim, Norway
Alicante, Spain
Gothenburg, Sweden


I am an entrepreneur, mind explorer, health researcher, innovator, and boundary breaker. I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, design, technology, property, and alternative science. I think big, and I get shit done. I am also currently working at frog Oslo, part of Capgemini Invent, where I am researching innovation in mental health, and health in general. My mission is to develop a guide on how we can drastically improve the health of people and everything else on earth, and then share it with the world. In my job, I meet with people from all walks of life who has something to say about this wide, blue ocean topic. Anything from VR and artificial intelligence, to breathwork and psychedelic therapy, flow states, crystal healing, and the universe. I am a curious person who, where it is applicable, tests and experiments with new hypotheses on myself in order to learn and gather new insights. I love to meet more new, interesting people to get to know and learn from. // Keyword content: Entrepreneur and product guy. Have previously started 6 companies in the marketplace and fintech industry, notably Payr and Transfercar; 5 exits, 1 IPO. 500 Startups alumni. Angel investor and sporadic Board member. Past experience includes technical, product, marketing, growth and advisory roles at RightPerson, Payr, Transfercar, Itera, Making Waves, BBDO Proximity, and Oslo Nettdesign. Follow me on LinkedIn:
Espen Einn