Douglas Finkelstein

Job type
Chief Executives

Empathic.Health (Chief Empathy Officer)

Los Angeles, California, USA


I spent 10 years of my life battling depression that was intensified by chronic medication. It wasn’t until I discovered this connection that I forced myself to throw out my prescription.

I then slowly began a meditation practice that changed my life for the better. Eventually, my newfound passion for exploration what the world has to offer led me to psychedelics.

Psychedelic medicine has allowed me to find joy and meaning in my life. I want to help you discover the ways it can help you, too. With every new scientific study proving their safety and efficacy, you and your loved ones deserve a safe, welcoming place to explore these life-changing medicines.

Current resources are lacking. We deserve more than an un-moderated Facebook group loaded with large egos. At Empathic Health, we are building a trustworthy and intimate community to connect people who will support each others' journeys and help one another learn about the medicines that have the power to change lives, not just treat symptoms.

Douglas Finkelstein