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San Diego, California, USA


My now 26-year-old son, Nik, was diagnosed with major depressive disorder in his late teens. We spent years riding the psychopharmacology merry-go-round and finally realized he was treatment-resistant to traditional anti-depressants. In 2019, after years of suffering, we traveled to Peru where Nik spent three weeks at an ayahuasca retreat. This turned out to be a life-changing experience and diverted our path toward psychedelic solutions. Upon returning to the U.S., we found a wonderful doctor in San Diego that treated Nik with ketamine, After suffering intensely for many years, Nik is now living a productive life while receiving maintenance doses of Ketamine. Due to a variety of personal challenges and during the period that I was learning more about psychedelic medicine, I did not realize that I was falling into my own depression. Consequently, I received Ketamine treatment which created my own life changing benefits. Since personally experiencing the healing power of psychedelic medicine, I have been driven to dedicate the remainder of my career to the psychedelic healing movement. _________ As an experienced capital markets and business development professional, I can provide industry participants with much-needed assistance in capital raising, capital strategy, investor relations, and business/corporate development.
Adam Garfinkle