Apex Health Alliance Ketamine Therapy


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We offer this powerful treatment to patients with chronic pain and mood conditions. Unlike traditional medications for mood conditions, ketamine infusion therapy doesn’t take 4-6 weeks to start working. About 80% of patients report significant improvement within two weeks, and many report immediate relief. For thousands of years, our valley has been noted as a place of healing and we’re proud to continue that legacy. Discover your Apex Healing Experience. Apex Ketamine Therapy is the only facility on the Western Slope solely dedicated to ketamine infusion therapy. Other places may offer it on the side, but at Apex it’s all we do. One look at our space and you’ll feel how much we care about the comfort and healing of our patients. Discreetly located in charming Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Apex is a place where hope leads to healing, and healing leads to health.