AMG Ketamine and Wellness Center

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AMG Ketamine and Wellness Center offers hope and life-changing care, which is delivered by expert anesthesiologists and registered nurses. As you know, too many people have been forced to live with the debilitating effects of treatment-resistant depression or a combination of depression, anxiety and pain. All of this can lead to sleep disorders, decreased function and productivity, and decreased quality of life. "Conditions like depression and chronic pain can be soul-crushing. After 50 years of administration as one of the safest anesthesitics, ketamine has emerged as one of the major treatment options for patients suffering from depression, PTSD, a variety of pain conditions, as well as opioid dependence. Our center provides hope to patients in the greater Nashville area who have not responded to other treatments for these conditions. Ketamine treatment can be life-changing. said Dr. Randall Malchow, Medical Director of the AMG Ketamine and Wellness Center. In addition, ketamine provides benefits to patients with pain conditions including: Chronic regional pain syndrome (CROS, previously called RSD) Fibromyalgia Migraine headaches Low back pain Neuropathic pain Post-surgical pain syndromes Amputation pain syndromes Other pain syndromes