Yoga, Psychedelics & Consciousness

Nov 25, 2020


There is a blossoming trend of yoga and a rediscovery of hallucinogenic drugs in the West. What are the parallels which draw these experiences together?

The yogic third-eye mysteriously appears throughout history. What relationship does this seat of higher consciousness has to the psychedelic experience? Soma, “the nectar of the Gods” of ancient yogi texts, has been interpreted as a psilocybin mushroom. Did psychoactive plants influence the origins of yoga? And is it possible that through ancient yogic breath and body practices, a psychedelic experience can be induced from within?

We will explore kundalini awakening, holotropic breathwork and the importance of yoga in psychedelic integration. We will investigate the ties and contrasts between yoga and psychedelics and how both of these practices have been re-invented as tools for healing by our modern-day society.


Exhibitors / Speakers

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