Shamanic Perspective on Mental Health

Sep 8, 2020


Tue, Sep 8 · 11:11 AM PDT

Depression, anxiety, PTSD and other disorders that the Western medical establishment views as mental illness can be seen through another lens as being caused by metaphysical maladies such as attacks by dark forces, disconnection from unconditional love, separation from nature, being out of sync with our inner child self, soul injury, curses, past lives, ancestors, entities, poor nutrition and other elements which can be addressed through shamanic and holistic approaches.

This presentation will be offered by Tara Rose, a metaphysical educator and lightworker who has helped many people with these issues. She has healed herself from an array of these mental health matters throughout her shamanic initiation journey. She is inspired to offer her experience as a practitioner to place these common problems in a broader context, mitigate stigma, bring hope, and ultimately empower us to facilitate self healing.

Last updated: Sep 01, 2020