Ripples of Change: Symbiosis Symposium

Oct 17 – Oct 18, 2020


Join our enthusiastic community for a two-day interactive encounter on a critically timely topic: Symbiosis. The McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy presents the first annual “Ripples of Change: Symbiosis Symposium.” We bring together a collection of powerful and passionate global voices actively engaged in cultivating the equilibrium needed for the future we seek to inherit.

A global community approach to regenerative solutions: 

  • Equity and social repair within food sovereignty and sustainable systems 

  • Social and ecological permaculture practices

  • Whole systems thinking —from the personal to global scale

  • Inspiration from the Amazon

Engage through visual storytelling from grassroots changemakers around the world, dynamic dialogues and panels. Come home with empowering takeaways: Resources & networks for continued inspiration & action.


Exhibitors / Speakers

Last updated: Oct 12, 2020