Psychedelics and the Mysteries of Yoga

Date: Mar 16, 2021

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“There has always been a hidden pathway and secret ritual that brings forth the reunion…”

Psychedelics and Yoga are similar in the sense that both have been used for centuries to reach altered states of consciousness. Together, Yoga & Psychedelics can take one on a journey that explores the power of the mind and the full potential of the human body and lead one to mystical sacred union experiences.

Come meet Darren Le Baron and Sanae Orchi, and discover the Ancient African roots of Yoga and its forgotten philosophy. Learn easy tools for Yoga & Psychedelics to explore infinite possibilities of the body and mind. In this talk we will explore ancient mythologies that connect the human entheogenic experience and the pathway of the sacred union.

You will be taken on a historical journey and look at the origins of these occult practices in ancient Africa, Mesopotamia and Europe and how they have become coded in several mythological entheogenic rites of passages throughout the ancient indigenous world in initiation ceremonies and daily ritual.