Psychedelics and Religion

Date: Apr 29, 2021

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How do holy books refer to the use of psychedelics? 
What esoteric and occult practices do these religions contain that are connected to psychedelics?

Darren Springer and Sanae Orchi will share their personal research, taking you on an exciting exploration of these questions and how they can impact your life today.

The journey starts in the motherland of humanity, Africa, where ancient glyphs and writings suggest that psychedelics have played a pivotal role in the development of various cultures on the African continent and continue their world wide influence today.

We will explore the crucial role of magic mushrooms and sacred plants in the foundations of organised religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism, as well as fraternities and secret societies. Delving into holy texts, Darren and Sanae will share numerous references to psychedelic plant use and entheogenic ceremonial rites. You will be taken on a thought provoking journey exploring hidden and taboo teachings, and how they have become encoded or suppressed in religions today.

Darren Springer and Sanae Orchi will bring it all home. This knowledge can empower and bring you closer to the roots of your religious foundations regardless of your current relationship to religion. The esoteric practices taught in ancient times are as relevant now as ever, and are key to our liberation once you have true understanding of these teachings.