Psychedelics & Nature Connectedness

Nov 26, 2020


Our modern day society seems to have forgotten the need or importance of the connection between humans and their natural environments. As we have all been living in our lockdown bubbles this year, this sad truth has become more poignant than ever, and such connection feels crucial if we are to address what has been described as crises in both mental health and the worryingly rapid destruction of our planet.

Research shows that the use of psychedelics is associated with an increased sense of being connected to nature, of feeling interconnected to everything around us, even long after the experience itself has taken place. What is the science behind this and how can we utilise it to help ease both the suffering of individuals and of the planet? The way in which we ourselves identify with nature is intrinsically linked with our psychological well-being - might that also hold answers for a stronger environmentally-aware collective in the future?

In his talk, Sam will explore the overlap between psychedelics and contact with nature as healing tools for mental health. He will help us to understand how this synergy might provide a wonderful opportunity to instill a deeper sense of reverence and care for the wider biosphere and life that we share this planet with.


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