Psychedelic Scholars: Art, Religion and Philosophy

Nov 6, 2020


Entheogen: “That which causes God to be within an individual”

Psychedelic Scholars invites you to dive deep in discourse as we analyze selected works of art from a historical and religious context that reflect ancient use of entheogens. Opening up this discussion, we aim to unpack the histories we are told with our understanding of psychedelics in contemporary times, challenging the way we view history, religion, art and science.

We will have three selected works each month, with links to study and tools to be ready provided. This group is a safe space to bounce theories, ideas and philosophies that are abstract, radical, supported through scientific method or a lesson from a journey that helped you contextualize religion as you know it, and how psychedelics are connected to the evolution of the human spirit.

This group is hosted by Sarie Bettineski, a Rose City Scholar and student at PNCA & PCC attaining her BFA, Art History Minor & Creative Writing Minor. Sarie is a philosophy junkie, who's consumed many philosophy courses offered at PCC. Sarie writes for Pigments, a social justice zine created by local artists and activists. She shares her love of art, history and theories around the human experience.


Exhibitors / Speakers

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