On Psychedelics and Spirituality- A Live Conversation with Francoise Bourzat and Danielle Herrera

Date: Nov 19, 2020

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November 19, 2020- 6:00PM US Pacific Time

As psychedelics continue to move into the mainstream, more people are exploring their use for healing through spiritual transformation. Throughout human history the primary use of psychedelics has been for spiritual practices. Indigenous cultures continue to use plant medicines to connect with their cultural and spiritual beliefs. Yet today’s society tends to devalue or deny the spiritual impact of psychedelics, focusing instead on neurological and other medically related health benefits. 

Studies have shown that the mystical experiences psychedelics provide are the main source of their therapeutic benefits. Many believe psychedelics can connect us to the innate spiritual aspects of our humanity, enabling us to access non-ordinary states of consciousness in everyday life. They can connect us with our true nature, life purpose, and other intelligences in nature.  

Join CIIS Faculty Francoise Bourzat for a conversation exploring the interconnection of spiritualty and psychedelics. Francoise examines common psychedelic experiences that can lead to spiritual transformation such as the dissolution of self and a sense of non-duality. Francoise discusses psychedelics as a tool for spiritual healing and transformation while also touching on the cultural appropriation of indigenous practices and traditions within psychedelic spirituality. 

Explore how psychedelics can be used to expand human consciousness and deepen our relationship to ourselves and the universe.