Navigating Through Your Dark Night of the Soul

Date: Nov 21, 2020

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At some point in many of our lives, we pass through a “dark night of the soul,” or an extended encounter with the darkness. In this time, it may feel as though we have utterly lost ourselves, and our lives have been drained of joy and hope. This may manifest as depression, anxiety, or a breakdown, affecting our ability to function in the world and baffling ourselves and our loved ones.  In the western world, we have little framework for these kinds of experiences, and they are often hidden and regarded with shame. But in many other cultures, dark times are viewed as key to the evolution of an individual’s psyche. When we are open to their gifts, these experiences can be times of powerful transformation and purification, leaving us altogether changed for the better. 

Join meditation teachers Marisa Handler and Donald Rothberg for a supportive experiential workshop exploring the dark night of the soul phenomenon both collectively and personally.  Marisa and Donald offer a map of this terrain and of the dark night as a component of the awakening process. They share perspectives and practices that help participants move through these challenging periods and become more open to a greater framework. This workshop offers periods of both silent and guided meditation, reflective writing, as well as small and large group sharing.   

We live in challenging times, and many are going through individual periods of darkness. When we are prepared as individuals to navigate these experiences, we can then provide space for others to grow and heal, and ultimately support us all passing through the dark night. 

Understand the role such experiences play in the awakening process and discover an array of tools for navigating through these times.