How To Trip Safely: Minimizing Risk in the Use of Psychedelic Medicines

Oct 19, 2020


Individuals who are newer to psychedelics are often unsure about how to use psychedelics in a way that is safe and responsible. It is easy to get overwhelmed by online information which often provides conflicting advice on issues such as dosage amounts, medication interactions, where to trip, or who to trip with. Experienced psychonauts may take for granted how much information they have gathered over time and forget that there is a whole culture built around the use of psychedelics that they once had to learn.

This event will provide a safe space to share knowledge and information about the use of psychedelics. A harm reduction approach will be used to promote safe practices, minimize potential risk, and maximize potential benefit. This event is not intended to provide direct advice or guidelines. Instead, participants will be encouraged to consider a variety of educational resources so that they feel empowered to make choices that feel right to them. This event is more intended for people who are newer to the use of psychedelics, though we also welcome more experienced trippers who can help share information.


Last updated: Oct 12, 2020