Episode 13: Psychedelics in the Education System - Bringing the Truth to Light

Dec 15, 2020


Episode Summary: Join us for an exciting panel of Canadian Professors.  Hear what each of these amazing professors has to say about their area of study with psychedelic medicines/therapy and how it plays a role in the psychedelic renaissance.

Exclusive Post Webinar Session:  Exclusive Q&A with Erika Dyck. Erika Dyck is a professor and historian of medicine at the University of Saskatchewan who has been studying and writing about psychedelics for the past 15 years. In this exclusive session, you’ll have a chance to meet with her in a group of 6-10 people on zoom to ask her your questions, find out more about her career as a historian and author or find out more about her webinar topic.  To register, see Ep 13Ex: Exclusive w/ Erika.


Exhibitors / Speakers

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