Busting Psychedelic Myths and Exploring Cross-Cultural Taboos and Nuances

Date: Oct 28, 2020

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In this webinar special guest speakers, Kyle Buller and Joe Moore from Psychedelics Today will share their experiences of breaking down the stigma and myths associated with psychedelic and cross-cultural psychedelic taboos and nuances. Dr. Alana Roy will share the current challenges and triumphs working in the field of psychedelic science in Australia and how you can help break down these barriers to ensure Australia has access to psychedelic medicine.

After this screening, a live "bust a myth/you can't ask that" mental health panel Q and A discussion will occur with Dr. Alana Roy and Renee Harvey. Participants will have the opportunity to challenge assumptions, biases, and culturally constructed beliefs. Furthermore, participants will be given practical tools on how to become educated, ethical, and informed psychedelic advocates to help join the movement in Australia.