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Anxiolytics, Sleep Aids, and Psychedelics

Spirit Pharmacist

Psilocybin / MDMA / Ketamine / Ayahuasca / Psychedelics

Benzodiazepines are commonly prescribed for the treatment of several types of anxiety conditions as well as for insomnia. These medications...
Open Learning

Applied Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: Cases, Conditions, and Context

This course will help guide participants through the application of current psychedelic-assisted therapy approaches to mood and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic...
Next date: Sep 06

Applied Transpersonal Psychology, PhD

Alef Trust
World leading programmes in transpersonal psychology.With our partner university, Liverpool John Moores University, Alef Trust offers a collaborative PhD in...
Next date: Jan 01
Higher Education

Asian Contemplative & Transcultural Studies, Masters

CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research
Online master's program in Asian Contemplative and Transcultural Studies teaches and researches the contemplative traditions, practices and experiences of South...
Higher Education

Augmented Psychotherapy Training

MIND Foundation

Psilocybin / Ketamine

A Professional Training for Aspiring Psychedelic Therapists The Augmented Psychotherapy Training (APT) is a 15-month program that provides you with...
Next date: Nov 25
Training Program

Awaken Aba's Psilocybin Facilitation Training Program

Awaken Aba


"Our Psilocybin Facilitation Program is designed to be completed in 2 -3 months for only $4,500. We are a behavioral...
Training Program

Ayahuasca Integration Facilitator Training

Psychedelic Support


Psychedelic integration is a rapidly growing field worldwide with limited providers knowledgeable in assisting people after Ayahuasca experiences. Ayahuasca has...
Next date: Apr 01
Training Program

Ayahuasca Use: Risks & Benefits

Integrative Mental Health University


An increasing number of people around the world are seeking healing, inner growth, and direct spiritual experience through Ayahuasca, brewed...
Continuing Education

Basic Principles for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Breakthrough Therapies


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic with psychedelic properties. Ketamine is primarily used in surgery and in the...
Next date: Oct 14
Training Program

Basic Psychiatric Diagnosis

Synaptic Institute


This course will provide an overview of behavioral health patterns that will aid the facilitator in determining appropriateness of psychedelic...
Open Learning

Basics of Cannabis: 5 Course Package

Society of Cannabis


This 5-course package covers the essential science on the endocannabinoid system, botany, pharmacology, laboratory analysis, and the dosage and delivery...

Beyond Experience

MIND Foundation
Beyond Experience is a carefully crafted 4-day intensive workshop on psychedelic integration. In this course, you will learn a comprehensive...
Next date: Aug 28
Open Learning

Bipolar Disorders, Mood Stabilizers, and Psychedelics

Spirit Pharmacist

Psilocybin / MDMA / Ketamine / Psychedelics

Serotonergic psychedelics (e.g., MDMA, psilocybin) are thought to carry risks of precipitating, worsening, or unmasking mania in persons with bipolar...
Open Learning

Blue Sky Leaders Certificate

CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research
The Blue Sky Leaders Certificate Program cultivates a new breed of leader, grounded in the convergence of personal transformation, global...
Next date: Jan 25

BMed Global Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

BMed Global
Psychedelic medicines are part of what we call ancestral knowledge, a wonderful legacy from indigenous populations to humanity. At the...
Next date: Apr 01
Training Program

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