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Are You Ready to go Within? In my 25+ years of relationship with psychedelics and plant medicine I have found that we each have our own inner healer . As your psychedelic guide, I create a safe space where you can explore all that is within. It is important to know that medicine work is not a quick fix to our problems, yet is a powerful tool to assist us throughout conscious practice of whatever it is we are seeking. This can be anything from embracing the desire to be more conscious and present in your life, to working through limiting beliefs from years of conditioning, to the liberation of your soul. My offerings include psilocybin facilitation of medicine sessions for individuals, groups, next-gen leaders and their teams. I serve those seeking deeper connection to self, each other, and the infinite divine. I offer sessions in Licensed Service Centers. My core values include honoring a spirit of loving kindness, being in alignment with the medicine, empowering a culture of consent and ethical practices.


A Concierge Medicine Woman

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Oregon License #FL-BB22A
Oregon Psychedelic Guide

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