Liat Nadler


Hi, I’m Liat Nadler, a nutritionist, dietitian, health and food relationship expert, influencer, coach, and a Wall Street Journal #1 Best Seller co-author. I am the founder of Fabulous Healing Nutrition & Wellness, a retired engineer, wife to Elad Nadler, and mother to Ofek and Yahav. I advocate for the WHOLESOME health of a woman - inside out. 

I founded Fabulous Healing Nutrition & Wellness to help result-driven females get their glow, increase their confidence & energy, and step into their unstoppable sexy badass selves!


I have a Master of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. I am a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist licensed in the Washington State Department of Health. I am a Licensed Dietician and a proud member of the American Nutrition Association. Additionally, I have certifications in plant-based nutrition and medicinal plants from eCornell.

Since early 2023, I am also licensed by Oregon as a psilocybin facilitator.

With my level of expertise and my personal experience in improving my clients' health and wellness, I will make the perfect partner for you on your personal journey.
Liat Nadler

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