Benjamin Mangus


I am a licensed Psilocybin Facilitator and graduate of Entheogen Institute. I provide a loving, empathic, gentle form of facilitation focusing on channeling your own inner healer. I have experienced profound levels of psychological, emotional, physical, and energetic healing through Psilocybin Therapy and believe all four of these facets need to be harmoniously addressed for truly life-changing healing to occur. I bring my own experiences and knowledge to each unique individual and work with you and your own inner healer through all phases of preparation, administration, and integration.

In addition to facilitation administration, I also offer the following integration modalities to further support and strengthen your healing journey:

-Holy Fire Reiki

-Biocranial Release Technique

-Hypnagogic Light

-Tachyon Rejuvenation

-Tuning Fork Therapy


-Brainwave Therapy

-Breathwork Facilitation


As one of the first Psilocybin Service Centers in the country, we believe that psilocybin mushrooms are a powerful catalyst for self-acceptance and self-love. Whether this is your first psychedelic experience or you’ve done this before, we welcome you to experience psilocybin in a safe, supportive, and legal environment. We would love to facilitate for you!
Benjamin Mangus

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