Altered State of Consciousness Therapy

Psilocybin / Ketamine

Entheogenic Psychedelic Renaissance Treatment Accepting clients for psilocybin treatment at licensed service center beginning July 20th 2023. Reasonable rates within a supportive safe environment. Current research has shown that the use of psychedelics may benefit people dealing with anxiety, depression, substance use, PTSD and end of life prognosis more effectively than traditional medications and therapy. Psychedelic means "soul/mind manifesting". Treatment with the use of psychedelics in a safe controlled environment can lead to shifts in perceptions that can attain and achieve sustainable levels of supportive mental health. This is the goal and intention for ASC Therapy with clients. The Process Intake, Facilitation, Integration After years of serving as a therapist to diverse populations it became clear that traditional therapies and medications were not effective enough for some people. The use of psychedelics in a safe/holding setting have revealed efficacy for making them available in treatment for clients, and provide another way to reach the top of the mountain!


Three step process for ASC Therapy

To attain wellness of being.

The first step is Intake. This will include an introductory session to assess if client and facilitator are a good fit. The key to good treatment is the relationship, that the client feels safe, is treated with unconditional positive regard, and feels safe enough to be vulnerable, transparent with their feeling, needs and desires for change. This includes a health assessment to see if there are counter indicators for the work and to determine the clients reason/ desire to take the medicine.

The second step is Facilitation. If the client and facilitator (s) /therapist determine feel they can work together, the client is provided with psychoeducation about the medicine, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) rules and regulations that are used in a treatment setting (Licensed Facilitation Center in Oregon) and the client will establish their intention for the work with the medicine. When the medicine is being provided the role of facilitator serves as a non-directive guide to assure safety for the client as they do their inner work on their journey.

The third step is Integration following the journey where the client shares with their experience and searches to make meaning from their journey. This could be one session or more and it is not mandated by OHA, however it is beneficial, even essential, for the client to fully integrate the messages of their experience into their lives and to take them into action. Often this is perceived as a re-wiring of the brain.

Llama Mike Crowley in "Psychedelic Buddhism" wrote that, "When meditating or using psychedelics, the user can detach from the rigidity of the brain networks that were formed in early life. New pathways, new ideas become possible once the brain and mind is of from pre-established conceptions of self and ego." "
Altered State of Consciousness Therapy

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