Adrianne Oswalt


● New York Acupuncture Society
● Master of science in traditional Chinese medicine, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
● 200 hour yoga immersion and teacher training, Katchie Ananda, Yoga Tree
● Acupuncturists Without Borders Training
● CPR/first aid certified, Safety Training Seminars
● Clinic/hospital internship, advanced clinical studies of TCM internship certificate, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University Hangzhou, China
● Massage therapy specializing in shiatsu and bodywork training, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
● 50 hour yin toga teacher training, Dina Amsterdam, Yoga Tree
● 200 hour yoga teacher training, Frog Lotus Costa Rica


● Mental Health


10-20 years

How I Work

I have always found the need to reach towards balance and nature, and it became apparent to me that this is imperative to maintaining health and wholeness in many facets of life. I have dedicated my life to these ideas and remain in awe of the phenomenons around this concept. For over a decade I have been immersed in various forms of holistic healing. My journey has led me to a place to share this with others. I have extensive education in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and herbal medicine, as well as massage and yoga. My practice hinges on the understanding that the body has an inherent, intuitive knowledge to guide itself to overall wellness and healthy being. Coming from a background of dance and yoga, I incorporate a variety of modalities in combination with Chinese medicine to help each individual body find its own internal health. We are nature and a part of the natural world. Living in symmetry with nature is empowering and provides an incredible quality and equilibrium of life!
I believe that we each hold an essential and undeniable ability to heal and thrive. I am a mere conduit to this experience, here to assist you in this goal. Employing acupuncture and herbs, I am nudging and signalling the body to access that information. With yoga, I am encouraging your body to move and to breathe, which allows for openings and portals into this insight. By offering lifestyle and nutritional advice, I am just giving you love notes to self to refer back to when things begin to get imbalanced or when needing direction. You are enough to be whole. Sometimes you need help getting there. My hopes are to empower and educate you with what I humbly know and have thus far learned.
Adrianne Oswalt

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