Adam Yasmin


● Certified Digital Wellness Educator
● Associate's degree - Design and Visual Communications
● UX design immersive, General Assembly
● Global Tea Hut


● Anxiety
● Focus
● Stress
● Wellbeing


5-10 years

How I Work

We’re all living amidst an excess of digital overwhelm from the pandemic. What might that look like for you? You experience stress that is made worse by your use of technology, including social media. The time you spend on the internet has come to feel compulsive. You are having trouble with sleep. You are emotionally self-regulating with your smartphone. You’re having a hard time focusing while working from home. Your anxiety and moods are clearly tied to what you’re reading on the internet, etc.

Please know that if any of these describe your experience, you are not alone. Far from it. You are not doing it wrong.”

And there is a lot we can do together to take control of our relationship with the tech we are using in order to make that tech actually useful TO US.

‘Digital wellness’ refers to the state of a person’s physical and mental health in direct relationship to their use of digital technology. My passion is to help you balance that relationship.

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