Adam Dexter


● Bachelor of art and science in new media and business, American University
● Movement Culture student
● Executive producer, creative director, head of production, art and design, Summit Series
● Founder/CXO multiple roles, Omni
● Integral coaching workshop certificate
● Transcendental meditation student/trainee


● Making a change


Just starting out (less than 3 years)

How I Work

I believe you need to understand yourself as much as you do your business, and that bridging the gap between personal growth and business strategy is critical to a healthy life and successful venture.
I’m experienced in working with clients across the spectrum between both extremes of soft and hard skills. Some of topics I cover with clients include helping overcome imposter syndrome and the challenges of transitioning into a new identity as an entrepreneur and founder, working on cofounder relationships, communication and delegation; and more tactical hard skills such as boiling down your venture idea to its most essential and compelling narrative, and crafting that narrative into an effective and concise pitch and deck; providing critique and constructive feedback on your business model; strategizing how to best interact with investors; and providing general support as an ongoing experienced sounding board and co-pilot.
Each coaching relationship typically starts with gathering insights via an intro session interview, validated psychometric survey, and guided self-inquiry. From there, we continue to work with things as they come up or for specific issues, I create a coaching program unique to the client based on their needs and goals. In addition to my experience, I draw from a variety of modern coaching models, physical and somatic exercises, and tools and practices I’ve created.
I’m an endlessly curious operator, constantly learning and doing. Outside of coaching, I remain an active producer, advisor, and student. Continuing education, constant self-reflection, and active involvement in business operations keeps me sharp and of ever-increasing value to my clients.
Adam Dexter

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