Abraham Heisler



● Mankind Project
● Apprenticeship with powerful coach Jesse Johnson, Jesse Johnson Powerhouses
● New York Film Academy
● Coach training, OneTaste


● Making a change


Just starting out (less than 3 years)

How I Work

I believe story is the essence of life. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life studying storytelling and its impact on psychology, philosophy, art, and mysticism.
The stories we have about ourselves and our relationship to the world control our worldview and value system. From there we make decisions and take actions in order to achieve what we want, so it's not enough to just take different actions but to dig deeper into the layer of story. You need a storyteller who is curious enough to help you excavate these stories from the unconscious to the conscious to help you challenge them. From a creative place you then become empowered to co-create a new story, one that actually serves you.
From victim to creator, my job as a coach is to take you from a place where life happens to you to a place where life happens for you. You are more powerful than you know.

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